The Best 5 Koh Samui Luxury Hotels: Live a 5 Stars Holiday!

The Best 5 Koh Samui Luxury Hotels: Live a 5 Stars Holiday!

Koh Samui is such a beautiful place, a real paradise in earth…

However, do you know how to make it even better? Yes, all you have to do is to host yourself in a 5-star holiday.

If you want to take the luxury level of your holidays to the next stage, then enjoy this article that will show you the best luxury hotels in the island.

From the team of Boutique Yachting, we wish you a happy trip through this post! 😉

#1 – Hansar Samui Resort & Spa:

The Best 5 Koh Samui Luxury Hotels: Live a 5 Stars Holiday!

It is only 2 minutes walking distance away from Bophut Beach. Its proximity to this beautiful beach, the ocean, its amazing infinity pool and excellent amenities make it an excellent resort for you.

The restaurant of the hotel is surprisingly good, because it has some of the best chefs in the island, so you can enjoy the best of Thai and international cuisine.

The service is excellent, reliable and friendly. They have designed the rooms to be the perfect blend between luxury, technology, comfort and proximity to the nature, because from your room or villa you can enjoy all the beauty that this island has to offer.

Overall, this hotel has everything you need for a luxury, unforgettable and truly exciting adventure in Koh Samui, because everything has been engineered to the degree of perfection!

#2 – Six Senses Samui:

The Best 5 Koh Samui Luxury Hotels: Live a 5 Stars Holiday!

One of the most exciting and beautiful resorts in not only Thailand, but also Southeast Asia.

It is located on the extreme north of the island and what outstands out from it is that you will have the chance to appreciate the beautiful and stunning views of the Gulf of Thailand.

Here you can rent luxury villas, which are perfect for both entire families as well as couples spending their honeymoon in this beautiful island.

It includes everything you could wish for: spa, different dining experiences with the best chefs, refreshing and beautiful pools, fully equipped gym, bar and more.

It is only 10 minutes from Koh Samui’s airport.

The villas have their own swimming pools, from where you can appreciate the beauty of the Gulf of Thailand, an experience that you will not live anywhere else!

Overall, we can recommend you this hotel, because it will offer you the luxury and experiences you are looking for.

#3 – Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa:

The Best 5 Koh Samui Luxury Hotels: Live a 5 Stars Holiday!

This hotel stands out because it is perfect for families, thanks to its tranquil atmosphere and secluded ambience.

It is located on the Bophut Beach, a beautiful and must-visit attraction in the island. The swimming pool of the Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa is beautiful, large and perfect for individuals as well as families with kids, because they can play here without problems.

The views are exotic, beautiful and inviting. They will stick in your mind forever, because you will observe the vast ocean and magnificent sky of Koh Samui while you enjoy of a relaxing moment in the pool.

The rooms are elegant, comfortable and luxurious; exactly what you are looking for. What we like about the hotel is that there is a lot of green and contact with the nature, so you can enjoy the luxury without missing out the wonderful nature of Koh Samui.

It is only 15 minutes from Koh Samui’s airport, so it is fairly easy and fast to reach. All in all, a place where you can stay and truly enjoy what this island has to offer you!

#4 – Banyan Tree:

The Best 5 Koh Samui Luxury Hotels: Live a 5 Stars Holiday!

Another magnificent option that offers you a perfect blend of benefits for your stay:

  1. Private beach, so you can enjoy special and personal moments with your partner
  2. Excellent restaurants with delicious food
  3. Stunning swimming pools to relax and have fun
  4. Amazing and beautiful views.

It is one of the best hotels on Lamai Beach, and furthermore, the rooms are stunningly beautiful and comfortable.

There are rooms with their own private pools, if that’s what you are looking for, then you will find it here. But what makes this hotel stands out is that the views are exceptionally beautiful, so you can relax and enjoy an invaluable moment with your partner.

Moreover, you can also enjoy of relaxing massages at the spa and also make use of the fitness center, but in all honesty, you will be too busy spending your time on the beach and the amazing facilities of the hotel rather than working out!

Overall, this is one of the best places to stay in Koh Samui if you are looking for real luxury!

#5 – Vana Belle:

The Best 5 Koh Samui Luxury Hotels: Live a 5 Stars Holiday!

An amazing luxury hotel on Chaweng Noi, one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Koh Samui, but also in the entire country. You will appreciate the beauty of this beach from the comfort of your own room, and of course, you can also visit it and spend your day on it!

It is in this listing because it has marvelous Ocean View Suites with a private swimming pool. We can bet on it that you will not find something more luxurious than this, because you can solely find it at Vana Belle!

Here in the hotel you can also find a fantastic spa where you can simply relax and spoil yourself for a while…

Furthermore, the hotel is very close to the best nightlife venues in the island, which makes it perfect for couples on their honeymoon. If that’s your case, you will enjoy it a lot!

All in all, this is one of those hotels that will make your stay in Koh Samui much better, because it will gift you priceless memories!

Final Words:

Now you have a solid list of the best 5 luxury hotels in Koh Samui.

This is the best way to complement your visit to the island, because in these resorts you will be able to live like a King during your visit, so give it a try and you won’t regret it!

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