Coral Cove & Crystal Bay: Discover the Perfect Getaways in Koh Samui

Coral Cove & Crystal Bay: Discover the Perfect Getaways in Koh Samui

Samui is a beautiful, exotic and romantic island on its own… but if you are looking for the perfect getaways, then look no further than Coral Cove and Crystal Bay.

In this article, delivered to you thanks to Boutique Yachting, we are going to share everything you need to know about them, so you can see why you must visit them during your stay in Samui.

They are perfect for every kind of traveler: solo looking for relaxation and peace, for a couple looking for the perfect romantic escapade or for families looking for interesting and unique destinations.

Ok, it is enough, because it is time to start!

Coral Cove: More than a Simple Beach

Coral Cove & Crystal Bay: Discover the Perfect Getaways in Koh Samui

It is one of the most relaxing spots in the planet, because it has something special about its environment that makes it perfect. Even though it only has a length of 200 meters, it is better than Chaweng, because it is not overcrowded.

The water is crystal-clear and warm, which means that you can swim and totally relax yourself. It is a refreshing, beautiful and purifying experience that you will enjoy from beginning to end. It is also calm, so your kids can swim without problems, but of course, supervision is necessary at all times.

One of the reasons many come to visit the Coral Cove Beach is because it is perfect for snorkeling. If you would like to practice this beautiful sport, then this place will be ideal. It has the best conditions for practicing it, so if you want to spend several hours of fun and relaxation, then it is waiting for you!

What makes this location amazing for snorkeling are its tranquil conditions and its abundant and exotic marine life. If you love underwater exploration and want to discover what Samui has to offer, then a visit here won’t disappoint you, to the contrary, it will gift you priceless memories. Of course, you can also practice scuba diving here.

Of course, if you want to explore more of the amazing and vast marine life of Koh Samui, then you definitively need to take a tour to the Ang Thong Marine Park.

There is enough space to walk and relax, in case you are coming with your partner. If you are looking for a place to truly feel special with your loved one and simply share an amazing and romantic time together, then you definitively need to come here.

Talking about romance, here you will find a beach restaurant and bar. There you can enjoy a delicious meal with your partner while looking at the tranquil, beautiful and exotic views that only Coral Cove Beach can gift you.

Here is a note: if you want the full experience, then you should consider booking a night at Coral Cove Resort. It is the main entrance to the beach, and in fact, it is “affordable” considering how good it is. This suggestion is perfect for couples, families and those on their honeymoon; this will make this an unforgettable and sweet experience.

Some will argue that it feels like a private beach, and in many senses, it is, but it is good, because the two hotels here – the Coral Cove Resort and Coral Cove Chalet – take care of keeping it clean and at its best.

In summary, it is an incredible, relaxing, peaceful and exotic destination. If you liked what you read, then you will for sure love this getaway!

Crystal Bay: An Exceptional Getaway

Coral Cove & Crystal Bay: Discover the Perfect Getaways in Koh Samui

Like the Coral Cove Beach, it is not very big (250 meters in length), but it is exceptional in charm. That is why it is one of the most popular destinations amongst visitors in Koh Samui, but fortunately, it is not as crowded as Chaweng, so you will find peace and relaxation here.

Similarly, here you will also find three main hotels that take care of maintaining the place: Crystal Bay Yacht Club, Crystal Bay Beach Resort and Silver Beach Resort. If you want to live the full experience, then you should consider staying in of these resorts, so you can fully relax and be pampered to enjoy this adventure.

From these, our favorite is the Crystal Bay Yacht Club, because it is better equipped and is located in the best part of the beach, so your stay here is going to be better. There are 43 villas where to choose from along with several amenities. This 4-star hotel is modern, beautiful and ranked amongst the best in the island.

Here, you will be welcome and amazed by the beautiful and refreshing emerald waters of the bay that invite you to come, swim and explore its secrets. Like Coral Cove, here you can practice snorkeling and scuba diving. It is even perfect for beginners, because the waters are surprisingly calm, summing up the nature of this beautiful getaway: peaceful, exotic and unique.

It is the perfect place to stay as well, because you are near to the main parts of the island. As it is calm and peaceful, you can enjoy of a relaxing stay in Samui. You can spend a day of fun and come back to your peaceful paradise in Crystal Bay… what could be better than that?

Similarly, it is perfect for honeymooners and those craving an intimate and romantic moment. The Crystal Bay is waiting for you. In fact, Thailand is becoming a popular destination for honeymoons, wellness, the sports market and as a medical destination as well.

In summary, it is another excellent beach destination for families, solo travelers, couples and groups of friends. However, those craving a peaceful and tranquil destination will appreciate it the most.

Final Words:

Now you know of two new interesting, exotic, beautiful and different destinations in Samui.

We have presented what they have to offer you, and if you liked what you have just read, then it is more than sure that you will love the experience in real life.

If you have any question or doubt, then don’t hesitate to comment or contact us!



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