Hikes at Ang Thong Marine Park

Hikes at Ang Thong Marine Park

Hikes in Thailand

Discover the Stunning Sights of Ang Thong Marine Park

Ang Thong Marine Park is an archipelago resting on the clear blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Speedboats and yachts float commonly amongst the limestone wonders; guiding groups of tourists to the white sandy beaches of the stunning islands.Upon reaching the shorelines of the islands, tourists will have the option of participating in several activities; one of them being hiking. Two of the best hikes in Thailand can be found in the Ang Thong archipelago. If you are traveller keen on twisting through the paths of unknown lands; consider setting foot onto Koh Mae Ko and Koh Wua Talap.

Hikes in Thailand at Angthong Marine Park

Each island offers distinct must-see features

Hikes in Thailand never fail to provide aesthetic viewpoints of the country’s effervescent sea-line or the green landscapes, and Koh Mae Ko and Koh Wua Talap do not disappoint, as each unique journey brings you to a worthwhile destination.

In Koh Mae Ko, be prepared for a challenging climb before reaching the viewpoint. Like many hikes in Thailand, the exertion is worth it. At the peak of Koh Mae Ko rests an amethyst lagoon. The crystal waters, formed by a passage from the sea, nestled in the coves of an island is reason enough to visit Koh Mae Ko. Beneath the surface of the aquamarine wonder, your eyes will meet the colorful marine life, swimming freely. Once you’ve taken in the sublime view, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that at the bottom of the trail, the sea awaits you!

Hikes at Angthong - Platform at the Emerald Lake The Emerald Lake at Angthong Marine Park

Angthong Marine Park – best hikes in Thailand

Ever wanted to see the Ang Thong islands from up high? Take your camera, your hiking boots, and your energy to Koh Wua Talap, where an adventurous trek calls your name. Climb away from the surface of the sea and zigzag through the tree-lined trail via a rope. The steady incline is met by a balcony overlooking the islands dotting the blue waters. The distinct escapade is worth it for adventure-lovers, and for anyone who appreciates a marvelous view.

Koh Mae Ko, and Koh Wua Talap are two of the best hikes in thailand. Each trail is unmatched by any other, whether you are pulling on ropes or climbing several steps. The hikes are worth the try, especially if you are travelling through Koh Samui, which is the nearest island to the Ang Thong Marine Park.


To spend a night or two in Angthong Marine Park, you can rent tents or even book (small and very basic) bungalows, on the main island Koh Wua Talap. More information you will find on Wikipedia.

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