Koh Samui with Kids: How to Make Your Visit Memorable

Koh Samui with Kids: How to Make Your Visit Memorable

The Perfect Family Destination:

This island is ideal for a memorable vacation with your family. It does not matter if you come with kids, because there are enough ways to keep them entertained, and furthermore, plenty of options for you and them to enjoy together.

Memories are the most precious souvenirs you can get, and the most valuable gift you can give to your kids.

In this article, we are going to show you everything you need to know to have a lot of fun with your children. We will cover everything… every single thing!

That’s it. Let’s start with this post that comes to you thanks to the team of Boutique Yachting!

Where to Stay: Best Family-friendly Hotels and Villas in Samui

It is crucial to pick a place to stay where your children will feel great, because again, you are not traveling alone, and they are the most important thing in this trip.

Fortunately, Samui has its fair share of family-friendly hotels and villas:

  1. Banyan Tree Samui (an amazing and big pool for kids)
  2. Smile House
  3. Anantara Resort & Spa (Bophut and Lawana)
  4. Bandara Resort & Spa
  5. SALA Samui
  6. Belmond Napasai (it has a nice paddling area for kids)
  7. Ibis Samui Bophut
  8. Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui (excellent if you are coming with teenagers)
  9. Vana Belle
  10. Santiburi Beach Resort (if you have athletic kids, then this is the place to be, because it has tons of water sports at your disposal)
  11. Hansar Samui (great for paddling)
  12. Peace Resort
  13. Tongsai Bay Resort (it has an excellent family pool right in front of the beach)
  14. Baan Samui Resort
  15. Deva Samui Resort & Spa.

Now you have enough options to check. They will vary in pricing and location, but in general, they are excellent for families, and that is what matters the most. The environment, activities and options are family-friendly, as they can be adapted as per your needs.

What to Do: Best Activities to Do With Your Family in Koh Samui

You have found the perfect place to stay with your family, awesome. Now it is time to see what you can do in this amazing island, because this is how you will create those life-lasting memories.

A Tour to the Ang Thong National Marine Park:

Koh Samui with Kids: How to Make Your Visit Memorable

Visiting the principal attraction of Samui is a must, especially if you come with your kids, because they will be marveled by such a majestic and exotic display of natural beauty. They will absolutely love it!

Here at Boutique Yachting we can help you to organize it. All you need to do is to contact us or visit our tour page: https://boutiqueyachting.com/ang-thong-tour/

We have made this tour to be suitable for every kind of visitors, and yes, that includes families with kids. It is a place full of peace, natural beauty and new things to see and experience. You and your children will adore this experience from beginning to end!

Make Room for History:

You should make room for exploring the history of the island. For example, you can start by visiting the Big Buddha Temple, which is a gigantic statue of Buddha that will amaze the big and small people alike!

Here you have a list of the temples that you SHOULD visit during your stay:

  1. Wat Plai Laem
  2. Secret Buddha Garden
  3. Hin Lad Waterfall Temple
  4. Wat Khunaram
  5. Guan Im Shrine
  6. Laem Sor Pagoda
  7. Wat Kiri Wongkaram

Make some room for history and culture, because it will be worth it.

Water Parks:

Koh Samui with Kids: How to Make Your Visit Memorable

They are a lot of fun and you will find a huge variety of great choices here:

  1. High Park Koh Samui
  2. Pink Elephant – Samui Water Park
  3. Coco Splash Adventure & Water Park
  4. Aquapark Samui.

With tons of attractions and cool things to do, your children and you will never get bored. Worry not, because they are family-friendly, so your children will have many cool activities at their disposal.

Sand and Beach:

Beaches are a huge attraction in Koh Samui, and therefore, you need to visit them. Here you have a list of the best beaches for families:

  1. Mae Nam (Lots of free space as it is not very touristy, the water is calm and warm, perfect for sunsets)
  2. Bang Por
  3. Lipa Noi (The water remains shallow for up to 100 meters, giving you and your kids lots of space to swim and enjoy)
  4. Taling Ngam (shallow water and you can enjoy amazing views of the Ang Thong Marine Park from here).

Why are they ideal for families? Because they are peaceful, the water is calm and in the perfect temperature and the entire ambience is simply perfect for a relaxing and fun time with your kids.

Various Activities:

Koh Samui with Kids: How to Make Your Visit Memorable

You can do more things in Koh Samui with your kids.

For example, you can visit Samui Go-Kart for a race with your children. Lots of fun and adrenaline in the island for those who love adventure!

You can live a different kind of adventure at Escapology, where you can play a real-life escape game with your little ones. You can bring up to five players.

You can also try mini-golf at Crazy Golf. The greatest thing about it is that it has been designed for children, so your kids will have a lot of fun here.

Finally, you can visit Samui Football Golf, where you can play this picturesque game that is loaded with fun and novelty. The environment is great, the game is a lot of fun and the entire experience will be memorable. Guaranteed.

Final Words:

Now you know everything you need to enjoy a pleasant, fun and exciting vacation with your kids. If you have any question or doubt, do not hesitate to contact us or to post a comment below. We will do our best to contact you as soon as possible.

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