Nikki Beach Koh Samui: All You Need to Know

Nikki Beach Koh Samui: All You Need to Know

The Best Beach Club in Samui: You Are Invited!

This beautiful island has many attractions and cool things to do, there is no shortage of fun, relaxation and novelty in Koh Samui.

If you are looking to add fascination and luxury to your vacation, then you need to know about Nikki Beach Samui.

Today we, Boutique Yachting, are going to let you know everything about it, so you can see why it is one of the best attractions in the island, because this place has everything you need! 😉

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Now, with no more delay, let’s begin with the fun!

The Perfect Venue: Where the Essence of Samui and the Elegance of Nikki Beach Meet

Nikki Beach Koh Samui: All You Need to Know


The location is very important, and in this case, it is perfect, because it allows you to be amazed by the beauty and essence of the island, which blends perfectly with the elegance and luxury of this fabulous place.

From the moment you put a foot here, you will feel a special vibe that only a phenomenal place like this can make you feel. Without any doubts, it will be a marvelous experience.

There are so many reasons to visit Koh Samui, and hosting yourself or attending this resort spa will make your visit even better.

You will be in a privileged position, because from here you will overview the fresh, pure and blue waters of the beautiful Lipa Noi Beach. Here you will find the Beach Club, Restaurant and Resort. Every single place of Nikki Beach will bring you this fabulous view and experience.

The facilities are modern yet built elegantly, and this is a factor that adds plenty of value, because it makes it a different and special place.

Everything has been designed to provide you the ultimate experience in comfort, luxury, relaxation and novelty. Pretty much, all what a traveler who knows what he needs is looking for.

The venue makes it excellent for your holidays, in case you want to spend your days in a magnificent resort and spa where you can live a romantic adventure with your partner, or simply bring the best to your family. And what about you? Even if you are coming solo, you will love this amazing experience.

It is also perfect for events of any kind: business, weddings, parties, etc. That is why it is very popular, because it is one of the best places in Samui. Its perfect location adds plenty of value to it that most people and businesses can recognize. It is an ideal choice for private events, where you want to offer your guests the best.

Exquisite Thai and International Cuisine at Your Disposal:

Nikki Beach Koh Samui: All You Need to Know

Like everything in Nikki Beach, the cuisine is also innovative, modern and delicious.

The presentation and the dishes will send your senses in the most delicious and fabulous adventure of your life.

The island is becoming a very popular destinations in Southeast Asia, and the fact that over 1 million passengers arrived to the Koh Samui Airport in 2016 allows you to see it. It is due to many reasons, and one of them is great attractions like Nikki Beach.

What it stands out is that they use the freshest ingredients, so you can taste the best flavor with every dish you order. Furthermore, Nikki Beach has the best chefs in the island with plenty of years of experience and amazing talent, and you can easily tell what this combination will bring you.

What is amazing is that the breakfast menu changes daily, therefore, if you stay more many days, you will always find new, exciting and delicious options at your disposal for you to enjoy them.

You will have your fair share of exquisite local food, because if you are a fan of Thai cuisine, then you will fall in love with what Nikki Beach has to offer you: Pad Thai, Fried Rice and more.

Here you have their general options:

  • Breakfast
  • Appetizers
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Entrees

Everything comes in an elegant and creative presentation that will make your meal even better, you have got to try it!

Resort and Spa: Enjoying the Best Holidays of Your Life

Nikki Beach Koh Samui: All You Need to Know

The resort is a dream come true, because it has a large variety of amazing rooms, the best locations and a world-class service.

Here are the different types of rooms:

  • Pool View Suite
  • Garden Villa
  • Sea View Villa
  • Pool Side Suite
  • Ocean View Penthouse
  • Beachfront Private Pool Villa
  • Pool Access Family.

You can choose what better suits your needs and desires, and that is the beauty of Nikki Beach, because you will find exactly what you are looking for, so you can live your dreamed experience in Koh Samui.

You will feel luxury wherever and whenever you are in this magnificent resort, because it has been designed from beginning to end to offer you exactly that.

If you want to relax, detox your body, nurture your soul and free your mind, you can always visit the excellent spa. It is equipped with the most advanced technology and here you can experience the best ancestral and modern treatments to improve your body, mind and soul.

In that spa, you will find professionals with many years of experience and who has been trained to offer you the most relaxing moments of your life, so you can reconnect, refill your body and mind with energy and bring your soul the release it craves.

Your holidays should bring you a positive change, and what could be better than nurturing your body, mind and soul?

Final Words:

Now you know why Nikki Beach Samui is a wonderful destination. You can host yourself here, explore its beautiful Beach Club, taste its delicious cuisine and relax in its spa.

What are you waiting for? It is time for you to visit, because it will make your stay in Koh Samui even better!

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