Where and What to Buy in Koh Samui: The Definitive Shopping Guide – Top 10 Venues

Where and What to Buy in Koh Samui: The Definitive Shopping Guide – Top 10 Venues

The only Samui shopping guide you will ever need to plan your holidays, because here you will learn where and what you can buy in this island, with insights that you will not find anywhere else.

It is the Boutique Yachting’s way, because we want to help you to plan the perfect trip. The holidays of a lifetime!

This guide will take you by the hand and show you everything, because there is a lot to see and buy in Samui. Shopping here is an entertaining, exotic and fun activity, and your stay here cannot be complete without it.

However, you have to know that it is not like Bangkok’s shopping scene. It is different and more rustic, but charming and interesting on its own.

Check our top 10 shopping venues, where you will find the biggest variety of products and experiences.

#1 – Central Festival Samui:

Where and What to Buy in Koh Samui: The Definitive Shopping Guide – Top 10 Venues

It is the biggest and most complete mall in the island, which is similar to some you would find in the capital. With 3 storeys and over 90,000 square meters of retail space, it is to see why it is the biggest mall in Samui.

It is divided in four sections:

  • Chaweng Port (The entrance to the mall, lots of great restaurants and bars)
  • Bird Cage (Big fashion and clothing shops and boutiques like Adidas, Rip Curl, Camel and Supersports)
  • Fisherman’s Village (Entertainment for kids and shops for shopping branded accessories and clothes)
  • Beach Town Market (Food court, 6D cinema and cool entertainment options).

Therefore, if you are looking for a place where you can buy tons of things and live amazing experiences, then Central Festival Samui is the place for you.

It has radically changed the way Chaweng looks, and it is very cool!

Find it at: Between Chaweng Lake and Chaweng Beach (very easy to spot)


#2 – Chaweng Beach Road Shopping:

This area is full of picturesque and cool shops where you can find a wide myriad of products and souvenirs that will definitively ignite your interest.

Unlike the modern and gigantic Central Festival Samui, it has a more local and rustic vibe.

Here you will find a great variety of shops:

  • Sports
  • Jewelry
  • Clothing
  • Souvenirs
  • Beachwear
  • DVDs
  • Electronics

The biggest advantage of shopping here is that you can find cheaper prices and certain products that you would not find at Central Festival Samui.

Find it at: Just off the main street of South Chaweng.

#3 – Fisherman’s Village Walking Street:

Where and What to Buy in Koh Samui: The Definitive Shopping Guide – Top 10 Venues

If you are looking for a real rural and local shopping experience, then you will find it at Fisherman’s Village Walking Street.

It is a great place to buy exotic souvenirs, cheap electronics and delight yourself with exquisite street food eats and cocktails. Worry not, because everything here is very affordable.

So, if you want to spend a nice day shopping locally, then you need to come here.

Find it at: Bophut, Koh Samui District.

#4 – Lamai Walking Street:

You will find this local market open every Sunday on Lamai Beach Road, and let us tell you that you definitively have to visit it, because it is an experience unique on its kind.

You will find an outstanding number of stalls selling jewelry, clothes, souvenirs and many other products. It is also a great place to eat delicious street food, which includes Thai food as well as pizzas and kebabs.

It is one of the best ways to spend a Sunday evening, because shopping here is an exotic and captivating experience!

Find it at: Lamai Beach Road, between the bridge and the fresh market.


#5 – Chaweng Walking Street:

Where and What to Buy in Koh Samui: The Definitive Shopping Guide – Top 10 Venues

Walking street are the best way to experience how local shopping really feels like, and the Chaweng Walking Street is not the exception. The blend of scents and colors will shock you!

Here you will find a huge variety of products ranging from jewelry to clothes in general, bags, handicrafts, exclusive souvenirs and some electronics.

Of course, it is also a great place where to grab delicious street food eats.

Find it at: Just off the main street of South Chaweng.

#6 – Maenam Walking Street:

It is not as big as other walking streets, but it is packed with many interesting stalls, where you will find products that will definitively grab your attention.

It is also full of great street eateries, and you can even drink cocktails, thanks to the mobile bars. Something that you will only find here in Maenam!

We recommend you to take your time to explore it properly, and to experience everything it has to offer you.

Find it at: The center of Maenam.

#7 – Mr. Samui:

The best shopping venue in Samui if you want to buy:

  • Gems
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Ornaments
  • Exclusive and exotic souvenirs
  • Jewelry

You will have a huge variety of products at your disposal, and you can even customize them if you want. That is the beauty of Mr. Samui.

Here you will also find an art gallery, and you can even enjoy a tasty cup of coffee while you shop!

Find it at: The main street of South Lamai.

#8 – Lamai Night Plaza:

It is a fun place where to shop, because it is very similar to the Patpong night market of Bangkok. Of course, it is full of pirated products, ranging from clothes to accessories and DVDs.

However, it offers far more than that. It has tons of interesting stalls and even a food center, where you can delight your taste buds.

Here you will find a huge variety of clothes, and if you practice Muay Thai, then it is the perfect place to stock yourself with plenty of Muay Thai shorts for a bargain price.

Find it at: The center of Lamai.

#9 – The Wharf Samui:

This big open-air shopping center has interesting shops and stalls distributed amongst its 5,000 square meters of retail area.

You will be surprised to see that there is plenty of high-quality products, including clothes, ornaments and accessories.

Here you will find many picturesque small boutiques that offer high-quality and original clothing for a fair price. We recommend you to visit them, because you can find amazing gifts to take back home.

#10 – Samui Hot Club:

This is a different kind of shopping venue, because there are some rules: no exchanges, no refunds and it is not possible to try clothes/items.

However, if you are looking for clothing that breaks the mold, then it is the place to be. The prices are very affordable and you can even bargain them, so it is worth a visit, especially if you like flamboyant and colorful clothes.

Find it at: The south of Nathon and Downtown Lamai.


Now you have everything you need to satisfy your shopping cravings and needs during your stay in Samui. Only follow our recommendations and you will have a blast!

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