Cruise Ships Arriving to Samui

Experience onboard luxury on boat tour on Koh Samui

Recent years have seen an uptick in the number of cruise ships coming to Thailand’s tropical island of Koh Samui. If you’re a passenger on one of these, you need to know about Boutique Yachting, an outfit that specializes in giving packages tailor-made for guests on visiting cruise ships.

Boutique Yachting helps such travelers to a veritable smorgasbord of things to do around Samui from snorkeling excursions and sunbathing on pristine sandy beaches to swimming in the clear turquoise waters. Visitors can continue their luxurious vacation while cruising around Samui in a lavish yacht.

Cruise ship AIDA visiting Koh Samui

Our customized island cruises bring tourists to gorgeous islands near Samui – Koh Phangan, Koh Taen, and Koh Madsum. A scrumptious Thai buffet lunch will be served at some point during a day of basking on soft sandy shores, or exploring a coral reef. For a small surcharge, you may choose from European or seafood cuisines.

We also offer customizable private half-day and full-day yacht charter packages to cruise ship companies. A private charter enables families or groups to enjoy Thailand’s waters in a calmer, more relaxing atmosphere with privacy. On a half-day charter guests can view landmarks dotting Samui’s western coastline, while a full-day private charter can take you to Koh Phangan, where more beaches and fun await, or to Koh Madsum and Koh Taen.

Cruise liners coming to Koh Samui

We at Boutique Yachting are proud of being flexible, and can happily customize our normal yacht charter schedules to meet your needs as a cruise-ship guest on Samui. Cruise ship companies such as AIDA Cruises, Europa and Costa Cruises are already teaming up with us.

Available Tours Koh Samui for cruise ship visits!

AIDA Cruises

DateWeekdayShipArrival TimeDeparture Time
17 December 2017SundayAIDAbela9:00am6:00pm
21 December 2017ThursdayAIDAbela8:00am5:00pm
4 January 2018ThursdayAIDAbela8:00am5:00pm
18 January 2018ThursdayAIDAbela8:00am5:00pm
1 February 2018ThursdayAIDAbela8:00am5:00pm
15 February 2018ThursdayAIDAbela8:00am5:00pm
1 March 2018ThursdayAIDAbela9:00am6:00pm

COSTA Cruises

DateWeekdayShipArrival TimeDeparture Time
12 January 2018FridayCosta Victoria9:00am6:00pm
20 January 2018SaturdayCosta Victoria9:00am6:00pm
24 January 2018WednesdayCosta Victoria9:00am6:00pm
27 January 2018SaturdayCosta Victoria9:00am6:00pm
31 January 2018WednesdayCosta Vctoria9:00am6:00pm
3 February 2018SaturdayCosta Victoria9:00am6:00pm
7 February 2018WednesdayCosta Victoria9:00am6:00pm
10 February 2018SaturdayCosta Victoria9:00am6:00pm
14 February 2018WednesdayCosta Victoria9:00am6:00pm
17 February 2018SaturdayCosta Victoria9:00am6:00pm
21 February 2018WednesdayCosta Victoria9:00am6:00pm
24 February 2018SaturdayCosta Victoria9:00am6:00pm
28 February 2018WednesdayCosta Victoria9:00am6:00pm
3 March 2018SaturdayCosta Victoria9:00am6:00pm
18 October 2018ThursdayCosta Victoria9:00am6:00pm


DateWeekdayShipArrival TimeDeparture Time
22 November 2017WednesdayVolendam8:00am3:00pm
01 January 2018MondayVolendam8:00am3:00pm
19 January 2018FridayVolendam8:00am3:00pm
12 February 2018MondayVolendam8:00am3:00pm
2 March 2018FridayVolendam8:00am3:00pm


DateWeekdayShipArrival TimeDeparture Time
24 November 2017FridaySapphire8:00am5:00pm
10 December 2017SundaySapphire8:00am5:00pm
28 December 2017ThursdaySapphire8:00am5:00pm
18 January 2018ThursdaySapphire8:00am5:00pm
6 February 2018ThursdaySapphire8:00am5:00pm
20 February 2018ThursdaySapphire8:00am5:00pm
9 March 2018FridaySapphire8:00am5:00pm
27 September 2018ThursdaySun8:00am5:00pm

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