What to Wear During Your Holidays in Thailand: The Guide You Must Read

What to Wear During Your Holidays in Thailand: The Guide You Must Read

Are You Looking For The Definitive Guide?

Then you are at the right place of the internet, because this guide by us will show you everything you need to know about clothing in Thailand.

We are going to cover this topic from different angles, because we need to talk about the dress code and the things you should pack. You need to make your holiday perfect, and at Boutique Yachting, we are going to help you to make it possible.

Without anything more to add, let’s start!

What Do You Need to Know About ‘Dress Code’?

What to Wear During Your Holidays in Thailand: The Guide You Must Read

You need to consider that Thailand is a modest country, even though the nightlife scene is quite wild and exotic, so to speak. Therefore, you need to keep into account their dress code, so you can enjoy a pleasant time in the country while respecting the locals and their beliefs and culture.

However, you can still wear your clothes as you please, because it is a free country. Still, it is not the point of following the dress code (being more covered than your average tourist is). The objective of this is to show respect to locals, who in return, will bring you a better service and allow you to live a much better experience.

Let’s keep it simple: don’t wear revealing clothing. Follow that simple and direct premise and you will be fine. The locals will appreciate it a lot.

For men, here you have a few highlights:

  • Stay away from sleeveless shirts
  • Avoid walking around with your shirt unbuttoned
  • Polo shirts are best
  • Bermuda shorts are excellent

For women:

  • Don’t wear clothes that reveal your cleavage
  • Stay away from strap shirts
  • Super-short shorts should be avoided at all cost, as well as mini skirts
  • Short shirts and skirts are fine, as long as they fall within the limits of “modest”; you know what we are talking about
  • Summer dresses and decent tops are excellent
  • When going to the swimming pool or the beach, choose a swimsuit that is modest

You should especially follow these recommendations when visiting temples. Here you have a few tips when visiting them:

  • Make sure to cover your knees and shoulders
  • Women have to cover their cleavage and thighs
  • Overall, keep your clothing respectful, conservative and modest
  • Always take your shoes off when entering a temple.

These simple recommendations will help you to stay in line with Thailand’s dress code, something that locals will appreciate a lot, and you will feel it.

Now that we have covered pretty much everything concerning this aspect, let’s continue.

Dressing for the Weather: What Do You Need to Consider?

What to Wear During Your Holidays in Thailand: The Guide You Must Read

General Recommendations:

You need to consider that Thailand is a very hot country, in general terms, and therefore you need to wear the right clothing that allows you to combat the heat. You will sweat, of course, but with these recommendations, you will keep it minimal.

These recommendations follow the dress code of Thailand. For men, as we said before, your best choice are fresh shirts that are not revealing, polo shirts and also button-down collared shirts. However, make sure that they are of good quality and that the material is breathable.

Cargo and Bermuda shorts are an excellent option. They are going to help you to combat the heat of the weather, so you can remain as fresh as possible. Again, great quality is imperative.

For women, fresh summer dresses are the best choice. Again, great quality is mandatory, because the material should be light and breathable, while remaining modest. Worry not, because as we said before, you can also wear skirts and shorts, just make sure that they are not “extreme” in the sense of being too revealing.

For you to know: it is important to keep your hygiene up to the nines, and the same goes for your clothes, they must be clean. Therefore, you will have to shower often, because the weather and a lot of movement will make you sweat a lot.

Overall, keep it simple and according to the local dress code. You will be fine if you follow these simple yet important recommendations.

About Fabrics:

We are talking about the quality of the material, so, what are the best choices? Your best choices are linen and silk; they are the perfect match for a hot weather like in Thailand. You can also bring clothes made of synthetic or polyester, because they are great for this weather, as they will dry very quickly.

Light-cotton is another excellent pick. Stay away from jeans and normal cotton clothes, because they are going to make you suffer with the hot weather of Thailand.

What Footwear Is Best for Thailand?

What to Wear During Your Holidays in Thailand: The Guide You Must Read

You need to make comfort your highest priority, because chances are you will have to walk a lot. For women, stay away from high heels, because with the roads and streets in Thailand, you are going to have a pretty bad time.

Slipper-kind and flip-flops are excellent; just ensure that they are comfortable enough. As you will have to deal with rain every now and then, it is convenient to make sure that your footwear is water-resistant, fortunately, anything made of plastic or rubber will do the trick.

Stay away from shoes that are hard to clean, because here in Thailand, chances are they will get dirty. As we said before, you need to keep everything simple and straight to the point.

Conclusion and Final Words:

As you can see, it is not hard, to the contrary, it is very simple to pick your clothing when visiting Thailand. These recommendations will make sure that you meet the local standards while keeping yourself comfortable and able to enjoy these holidays!

If you have any question or doubt, don’t hesitate it and comment it, because we are going to answer them as soon as possible. You can also contact us, in case you prefer it.

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